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Water Is the Driver of Nature. – Leonardo Da Vinci

A River Seems a Magic Thing. A Magic, Moving, Living Part of the Very Earth Itself. – Laura Gilpin

Water Is H20, Hydrogen Two Parts, Oxygen One, but There Is Also a Third Thing That Makes Water and Nobody Knows What That Is. – D. H. Lawrence

High Quality Water Is More than the Dream of the Conservationists, More than a Political Slogan; High Quality Water, in the Right Quantity at the Right Place at the Right Time, Is Essential to Health, Recreation, and Economic Growth. Of All Our Planet’s Activities–Geological Movements, the Reproduction and Decay of Biota, and Even the Disruptive Propensities of Certain Species (Elephants and Humans Come to Mind) — No Force Is Greater than the Hydrologic Cycle. – Richard Bangs and Christian Kallen


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