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When You Love Someone Quotes

When You Love Someone Quotes Let Them Go

Quoteszilla brings When You Love Someone Quotes.Get yourself motivated with Quotes about Missing Someone You Love.Quoteszilla offers some of Best and Greatest Quotes of All Time.

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“That’s When I Finally Got It. I Finally Understood. It Wasn’t the Thought That Counted. It Was the Actual Execution That Mattered, the Showing up for Somebody. The Intent behind It Wasn’t Enough. Not for Me. Not Anymore. It Wasn’t Enough to Know That Deep down, He Loved Me. You Had to Actually Say It to Somebody, Show Them You Cared. And He Just Didn’t. Not Enough.” ― Jenny Han

“Love Never Dies a Natural Death. It Dies Because We Don’t Know How to Replenish Its Source. It Dies of Blindness and Errors and Betrayals. It Dies of Illness and Wounds; It Dies of Weariness, of Witherings, of Tarnishings.”  ―AnaïS Nin

“No Relationship Is Perfect, Ever. There Are Always Some Ways You Have to Bend, to Compromise, to Give Something up in Order to Gain Something Greater…the Love We Have for Each Other Is Bigger than These Small Differences. And That’s the Key. It’s like a Big Pie Chart, and the Love in a Relationship Has to Be the Biggest Piece. Love Can Make up for a Lot.” ―Sarah Dessen

“The Best Love Is the Kind That Awakens the Soul and Makes Us Reach for More, That Plants a Fire in Our Hearts and Brings Peace to Our Minds. And That’s What You’ve given Me. That’s What I’d Hoped to Give You Forever.” ―Nicholas Sparks


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