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Stay Positive Quotes

Stay Positive Quotes Tough Times

Quoteszilla brings Stay Positive Quotes.Get yourself motivated with these Staying Positive Quotes.Quoteszilla offers some of Best and Greatest Quotes of All Time.

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“Hate. It Has Caused a Lot of Problems in This World but Has Not Solved One yet.” – Maya Angelou

“An Attitude of Positive Expectation Is the Mark of the Superior Personality.”  – Brian Tracy

“The Only Place Where Your Dream Becomes Impossible Is in Your Own Thinking.” – Robert H Schuller

“Our Greatest Weakness Lies in Giving Up. The Most Certain Way to Succeed Is Always to Try Just One More Time.” – Thomas Edison

“Learning Is a Gift. Even When Pain Is Your Teacher.” – Maya Watson

“You Yourself, as Much as Anybody in the Entire Universe, Deserve Your Love and Affection.” – Buddha

“Happiness Is an Attitude. We Either Make Ourselves Miserable, or Happy and Strong. The Amount of Work Is the Same.” – Francesca Reigler

“Today Is a New Beginning, a Chance to Turn Your Failures into Achievements & Your Sorrows into so Goods. No Room for Excuses.” – Joel Brown

“Life Is a Gift, and It Offers Us the Privilege, Opportunity, and Responsibility to Give Something Back by Becoming More.” – Tony Robbins


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