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Fuck Love Quotes

Fuck Love Quotes

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 A Broken Heart Never Really Heals, It Just Gets Broken All over Again.

 People Say Fuck Love and Fuck Life Because They’re Tired of Being Fucked over, but Giving up on Those Things Is Only Hurting Themselves.

 Love Is like Sugar…It Tastes Sweet to Begin with, but in the End It Still Gives You Diabetes.

 One Bad Relationship Can Make You Never Want to Fall in Love Again!

 I Never Fall in Love, Because Everything That Falls Breaks.

 If ‘Happily Ever after’ Did Exist, I Would Still Be Holding You like This, All Those Fairy Tales Are Full of Shit.

 I Don’t Believe in Love, Not Anymore, Ive Been Let down so Much, My Heart’s Become Sore. I Don’t Want to Fall in Love, No Not Again, I Keep Falling for All My Friends. I Don’t Want to Hurt This Way, Not Once Again, This Pain Just Kills Me from Deep Within. I Don’t Believe in Love, Not Anymore, Ive given up All Hope, My Heart’s Become Sore.

 F.L.I.R.T = Fuck Love I’d Rather Tease.

 I See What You Did, You Ripped Apart a Heart That Was Wanting to Love You. You Tore a Man Who Was so Adamant in His Pursuit to Love You. Now He Will Never Be the Same, He Will Always Shy Away from Fully Trusting a Woman with All of His Heart.

 You Say Its Game, I Say Its Lame, You Say Its Love, I Say Your on Drugs, You Say Forever , I Say Never, You Say I’m out, I Say Peace out, I Can Do Bad All by My Self

 I Say Fuck Love Because the People I Have Encountered Have Placed This Terrible Thought of Love in Mind.

 Fuck Love Because Love Doesn’t Love Nobody but a Fool.

 For Many Years You Had Me on My Knees and My Heart on the Floor so Fuck Love Because It Doesn’t Exist Anymore.

 I Hate Love. Hate Being in Love. I Never Want It to Happen to Me Again.


People Say Hate Is a Strong Word. But so Is Love. And They Throw It around like It’s Nothing.


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