corny love quotes

Corny Love Quotes

Corny Love Quotes for Your Girlfriend

Quoteszilla brings Corny Love Quotes.Get yourself motivated with these famous quotes.Quoteszilla offers some of best and unique collection of Corny Quotes About Life.

corny quotes

Corny Inspirational Quotes

Falling in Love with YOU Was Never My Intention. But It Became My ADDICTION.Falling in Love with YOU Was Never My Intention. But It Became My ADDICTION.

LOVE Is Like a Sunshine…IT Brings Golden Glow to the Beholder’s Face…and a Warm Feeling All over Their Body…IT Awakens Souls and Opens Eyes… And When It Is over It Brings Billions of Small Memories Called Stars…to Remind the World,That It Still Exists…

Youre Like My Asthma, You Take My Breath Away. Like Dandruff; I Cant Get You off My Head. Like My Car, You Drive Me Crazy. Like Dentures, I Cant Smile Without You.

I Don’t Have a Library Card, but Do You Mind If I Check You Out?

We Go Together Like Copy and Paste.

You and Me, Baby. We’re Like a Kaleidoscope, Our Colors Come Alive When I Collide with You.

I Love You with All My Butt, I Would Say Heart, but My Butt Is Bigger.

You’re Like a Typhoon. Because When You Left the Vicinity. You Left My Heart in Calamity.

If You Have a Big Heart, Does That Make You an Easy Target?

corny love quotes

 “True Love Is the Greatest Thing, in the World-Except for a Nice MLT — Mutton, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich, Where the Mutton Is Nice and Lean and the Tomato Is Ripe.” -The Princess Bride

“Love makes you do the wacky.” -Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“And Think Not That You Can Direct the Course of Love, for Love, If It Finds You Worthy, Directs Your Course.” -Khalil Gibran’s the Prophet

“Like You’re Trying to Fight Gravity on a Planet That Insists That Love Is Like Falling and Falling Is Like This” -Ani Difranco’s Falling Is Like This

“Who, Being Loved, Is Poor?” -Oscar Wilde

“Better Never to Have Met You in My Dream than to Wake and Reach for Hands That Are Not There.” -Otomo No Yakamochi

“I Love Your Feet Because They Have Wandered over the Earth and Through the Wind and Water Until They Brought You to Me.” -Pablo Neruda

“I Love You. You Annoy Me More than I Ever Thought Possible, but… I Want to Spend Every Irritating Minute with You.” -Scrubs

“We Need a Witness to Our Lives. There’s a Billion People on the Planet… I Mean, What Does Any One Life Really Mean? But in a Marriage, You’re Promising to Care About Everything. The Good Things, the Bad Things, the Terrible Things, the Mundane Things… All of It, All of the Time, Every Day. You’re Saying ‘Your Life Will Not Go Unnoticed Because I Will Notice It. Your Life Will Not Go Un-Witnessed Because I Will Be Your Witness.'” -Shall We Dance?

“I Love You, Not Only for What You Are, but for What I Am When I Am with You. I Love You, Not Only for What You Have Made of Yourself but for What You Are Making of Me.” -Roy Croft

“We Are All a Little Weird and Life’s a Little Weird, and When We Find Someone Whose Weirdness Is Compatible with Ours, We Join up with Them and Fall in Mutual Weirdness and Call It Love.” -Robert Fulghum

“No, I Mean I Like You Very Much. Just as You Are.” -Bridget Jones Diary

“Now Join Your Hands, and with Your Hands Your Hearts.” -William Shakespeare

“You Have Made a Place in My Heart Where I Thought There Was No Room for Anything Else. You Have Made Flowers Grow Where I Cultivated Dust and Stones.” -Robert Jordan’s the Wheel of Time

corny love quotes

“Love Has Nothing to Do with What You Are Expecting to Get Only with What You Are Expecting to Give — Which Is Everything.” -Katharine Hepburn

“What Will Survive of Us Is Love.” -Phillip Larkin’s an Arundel Tomb

“What We Have Once Enjoyed We Can Never Lose. All That We Love Deeply Becomes a Part of Us.” -Helen Keller

“Love Must Be as Much a Light, as It Is a Flame.” -Henry David Thoreau

“To Find Someone Who Will Love You for No Reason, and to Shower That Person with Reasons, That Is the Ultimate Happiness.” -Robert Brault

“Love Doesn’t Sit There Like a Stone, It Has to Be Made, Like Bread; Remade All of the Time, Made New.” -Ursula K. Le Guin

“You Know You’re in Love When You Don’t Want to Fall Asleep Because Reality Is Finally Better than Your Dreams.” -Dr. Seuss

“Love Is Like a Friendship Caught on Fire.” -Jeremy Taylor

“True Love Stories Never Have Endings.” -Richard Bach

“I Have Been Astonished That Men Could Die Martyrs for Religion — I Have Shudder’d at It — I Shudder No More — I Could Be Martyr’d for My Religion — Love Is My Religion — I Could Die for That — I Could Die for You.” -John Keats

“Tell Me Who Admires You and Loves You, and I Will Tell You Who You Are.” -Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve

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