valentines day quotes for friends

Valentines Day Quotes for Friends

Valentines Day Quotes for Friends and Family

Quoteszilla brings Best Valentines Day Quotes for Friends.Get yourself motivated with these famous quotes. Quoteszilla offers some of best and unique collection of Funny Valentines Day Quotes for Friends.

 One Day I Hope You Realize How Much I’ve Really Done for You and How Much You Have Taken Me for Granted. But I Won’t Be There When You Do. But I Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day.


  1. We’re best friends. You laugh, I laugh, You cry, I cry, You jump off a bridge, well, I’ll be the one in a rowboat going to save you. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

 Friends Are Most Important Asset; I Don’t Care What They Own, What Car They Drive, or How Many Pennies Are in Their Pocket. It’s Always the Person inside Who Counts.

 True Friends Are Hard to Find, Because the Best Ones Are Already Mine! I Love My Friends. Happy Valentine’s Day.

 Best Friends Are like Rare Diamonds. If You Ever Find One You Should Cherish It Because You’ll Only Find One in a Lifetime. Two Is Extremely Rare. Happy Valentine’s Day.

 Don’t Expect Me to Be Interested in Your Life When You Don’t Care about What Is Going on in Mine…but I Wish You Luck in Life. Move on..Happy Valentine’s Day.

 A Friend Is a Push When You Have Stopped, a Chat When You Are Lonely, a Guide When You Are Searching, a Smile When You Are Sad, a Song When You Are Glad. Happy Valentine’s Day.

 Some Friends Help You out If They Were a Friend. Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day.

 Friends Are There for You When You Get in Jail Good Friends Bail You out but BEST Friends Are in the next Cell Screaming “THAT Was Amazing! So, Who’s Going to Bail Us”. Happy Valentine’s Day.

 Be Careful If You Make a Woman Cry, Because Somewhere There Is a Best Friend Carving Your Name on a .45 round, Just for You. Happy Valentine’s Day.

 When You Can Have a Totally Sarcastic Conversation, Call Each Other Names, & Still Always Be There for Each Other That Are When You Know You Have a Best Friend! Happy Valentine’s Day.

 I Love It When You Are with a Best Friend and U Laugh Really Hard Then Stop at the Same Time, Look at Each Other and, Laugh Harder. Happy Valentine’s Day.

 Friends Are Always There for Each Other If One Is in Trouble Then the Friend Is There to Get Them out and Once Your Best Friends You Might Have Fights. Happy Valentine’s Day.

 I Never Thought I Would Fall in Love with My Best Friend! It’s Been the Best Thing I’ve Done! Happy Valentine’s Day.

 Friends Come and Go, but True Friends Leave Footprints in Your Heart.


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