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Independence Day Quotes

Independence Day Quotes and Sayings

Quoteszilla brings Independence Day Quotes.Get yourself motivated with Happy Independence Day Quotes.Quoteszilla offers some of Best and Greatest Quotes of All Time.

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“They Who Can Give up Essential Liberty to Obtain a Little Temporary Safety Deserve Neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin, Memoirs of the Life & Writings of Benjamin Franklin.

“Those Who Deny Freedom to Others Deserve It Not for Themselves.” Abraham Lincoln.

“My Definition of a Free Society Is a Society Where It Is Safe to Be Unpopular.” Adlai Stevenson, Speech, Detroit, 1952.

“Whoever Would Overthrow the Liberty of a Nation Must Begin by Subduing the Freeness of Speech.” Benjamin Franklin, Silence Dogood, the Busy-Body, and Early Writings.

“I Hope We Once Again Have Reminded People That Man Is Not Free Unless Government Is Limited. There’s a Clear Cause and Effect Here That Is as Neat and Predictable as a Law of Physics: As Government Expands, Liberty Contracts.” Ronald Reagan.

“The Inherent vice of Capitalism Is the Unequal Sharing of Blessings; The Inherent Virtue of Socialism Is the Equal Sharing of Miseries.” Winston Churchill.

“When Plunder Has Become a Way of Life for a Group of People Living Together in Society, They Create for Themselves in the Course of Time a Legal System That Authorizes It, and a Moral Code That Glorifies It.” FréDéRic Bastiat.

Let Freedom Never Perish in Your Hands.  Joseph Addison


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