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Hoe Quotes and Sayings

Quoteszilla brings Best Hoe Quotes.Get yourself motivated with these famous Quotes.Quoteszilla offers some of best and unique collection of Funny Hoe Quotes.

 Why Are Hoes like ‘Oh, Its Winter, I Need a Boyfriend to Keep Me Warm?’ No Bitch, Buy a Coat.

 When People Talk like a Hoe, Dress like a Hoe, Walk like a Hoe, Act like a Hoe, but Get Mad When Someone Calls Them a Hoe? Stupid Hoe.

 What’s the Point of Having 300+ like’s on Facebook given That You Have to Undress to Get Them? Just Sayin’

 One Minute of Kissing Burns 26 Calories,No Wonder Those Sluts Are Damn Skinny.

 Don’t Call Her a ‘Hoe’ Just Because She Moved on, Call Yourself ‘Dumb’ for Letting Her Go.

 Yes I Make Mistakes That I Don’t Ever Make Excuses for, like Leaving Girls That Love Me and Constantly Seducing Hoes.

 Now the Hoes Say I’m Conceited Cuz They Wanna Give Me Brain and I Say I Don’t Need It.


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