bad quotes

Bad Quotes

Bad Quotes about Life

Quoteszilla brings Bad Quotes.Get yourself motivated with these famous Quotes.Quoteszilla offers some of best and unique collection of Bad Relationship Quotes.

“Suppose the World Were Only One of God’s Jokes, Would You Work Any the Less to Make It a Good Joke Instead of a Bad One?”

“The Bad times I Can Handle. It’s the Good times That Drive Me Crazy. When Is the Other Shoe Going to Drop?”

“Taking the Pledge Will Not Make Bad Liquor Good, but It Will Improve It”

“Mary, There May Be Bad People on Earth Who Do Bad Things. But When I Hear about All That, I Always Think about the Good Things That Good People Do. And Judy Garland Was a Very Nice Woman Who Did Very Nice Things in Her Life.”

“When Choosing between Two Evils, I Always like to Try the One I’ve Never Tried Before.”


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